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Come in the evening, come in the morning, Come when expected, come without warning; Thousands of welcomes you'll find here before you, And the oftener you come, the more I'll adore you.
-Irish Ryhme-

Lots of things go unquestioned. Lots of things unanswered. Some feelings are burried alive. Some are born dead. "THIS IS LIFE"

"HURT me with the TRUE, but NEVER EVER comfort me with a LIE"

The longer you stay Single, the longer you become a public temptation and a potential threat to other's relationships! =p

enjoy reading my blog guys! and do come again for the next post! n i promise u the better post next time u visit again! c(=

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hye, im the owner of the blog. just call my nick VIP. ^_^ Writing blog is one of my fav inda free time, and also visiting some of the cool blogs! just for inspiring myself. so be aware if im walking on your blog, i stalk coz i care! ngeh ngeh ngeh..

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+This Is Me+
Monday, January 11, 2010, 9:36:00 AM

ok this is me.small uh?haha.im just 153cm long, so i think i fall into the petite category.and thats y, im always having trouble to find new clothes that best in me.hahaha..pity little thing the world is too big for me ! ;p im a simple girl that are trying to be a sophisticated woman ! i luv everything that beautiful and can make me feel like im a grown up baby right now. :D which part in me that i luv the most? of coz my smile that can make everyone shine when they see it..=) i think that i just know a part of myself and the other part im still reaching to it.im a student in a local university called UITM, Shah Alam. currently im a BBA student major in Operations Management.this is my second year and i have another 1 year to gone through.my interest in a free time is spending half of my day time with this thing call >> MUKABUKU .im addicted with that kinda of thing.haha..xD i love to eat!people always wont believe when i say that, coz they always judge the book by its cover..huhu..i dont know, i love to eat so much but my body dont show it as a prove.but i thank God for giving me this Gift (small and petite body type..xD).i love to write diary when i was a girl but now i think that i will write my diary online.cool huh?maybe im a little too late with this kinda of technology, or what i mean is 'Blog'.so i hopes u guys out there that are so master in this, give me some of ur lectures so i can do it better.haha..oppss last but not least, im forgot to mentioned my name, u guys never ask?so ill remain like no one wana know this.enough for this post.i have more story to post..catch u later! Muax~


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