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Come in the evening, come in the morning, Come when expected, come without warning; Thousands of welcomes you'll find here before you, And the oftener you come, the more I'll adore you.
-Irish Ryhme-

Lots of things go unquestioned. Lots of things unanswered. Some feelings are burried alive. Some are born dead. "THIS IS LIFE"

"HURT me with the TRUE, but NEVER EVER comfort me with a LIE"

The longer you stay Single, the longer you become a public temptation and a potential threat to other's relationships! =p

enjoy reading my blog guys! and do come again for the next post! n i promise u the better post next time u visit again! c(=

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hye, im the owner of the blog. just call my nick VIP. ^_^ Writing blog is one of my fav inda free time, and also visiting some of the cool blogs! just for inspiring myself. so be aware if im walking on your blog, i stalk coz i care! ngeh ngeh ngeh..

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Guys and Gift
Tuesday, February 14, 2012, 8:58:00 PM
hye, as-salam! selamat malam kwan2 semua. ape kabar? hari anda hari ni cuunn ta? hihihi. cliche intro. ok la, kite ta nak la merapu pnjang, just straight to the subject. =) kalau bab hadiah, gift, present dan yg swaktu dgn nya mst berkaitan sgt2 dgn org perempuan kan? well, org perempuan ni mmg suke bnd yg cumil2 lagi2 kalau org yg tersayang yg bagi. so kali ni, kite nk lari sikit dari stereotype tu ta nak la criter pasal hadiah perempuan je kan. kite nak menangkan side lelaki pulak, ta salah kan? lelaki pon suke dihargai dan dimanja. wiwiwiwi~ kite dh list kan BEST GIFT and WORST GIFT for a man. nak taw lagi? tekan button read more  =p

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a Boy & a Girl sweet conversation. ♥ ♥
Sunday, February 12, 2012, 6:26:00 PM

Girl : I like someone. 
Boy : who?
Girl : wait wait! I love someone.
Boy : can u tell me who?
Girl : Yeah, but dont laugh!
Boy : ok I wont, just tell me.
Girl : its starts in Y and ends in U.
Boy : ooh~ I like that person too. :)
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Just saying..
Friday, February 10, 2012, 8:04:00 PM

I'm always behind the scene.. never the STAR

I'm always the friend.. never the GIRL

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