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~what a girl hate about a boy~
Thursday, January 14, 2010, 2:33:00 PM
The 1st and most important thing to keep in mind is that no girl likes to be ignored. If u are planning to live ur entire life with a girl, u better master the art of making her feel special and important. Girls hate it when guys ignore them. It’s not like they want u to leave ur work and run behind them, but even if u do have an important meeting, a girl likes it if u tell her politely that u have to rush at the moment but will take her out for a date the moment your work is done. However this does not in any way justify the time u ignore ur girl to enjoy sports with your buddies.

Which brings us to another important point about the things girls hate about guys – their friends! The reason why most of the girls have an issue with their boyfriend’s buddies is the fact that some guys tend to act like complete idiots when they are with their guy-friends. Endless hours of smoking, drinking and hooting while watching sports on television or indulging in a game of poker, leaves no room for the girl. Girls don’t mind guys spending time with their friends as long as the friends don’t start hogging all the time and attention.

Girls hate a spineless guy – guys need to take the lead and have control over their lives. Girls don’t hate jobless guys; they hate guys who don’t have the will to work. In case u are hunting for a job and struggling to make ur mark in the concerned profession, ur girl will stand by u, but if u are going to wallow in self-pity and make absolutely no efforts to pull up ur socks and make a living, then u can stop dreaming of having a girlfriend!

Equally important thing besides respecting themselves is that the guys need to respect the girls as well. Girls hate it when guys lack respect for them – be it their family, their job, their hobby or their fashion sense. No girl likes to be ridiculed about her work, career, fashion sense or even her make-up skills. Girls like guys who know how to respect them, because of the simple principle
"If he can’t respect me, he can’t love me".

Family bashing is never tolerated. No girl likes a man who disrespects her family and parents. Things like under-estimating a girl’s career options or putting her down will also put u permanently on her black list. Girls hate it when they are taken for granted. Next time u make a plan for the weekend getaway, don’t tell her what to do, ask her instead. Girls like guys who consider and respect their opinions in decision-making.

Deceit is another issue that girls hate. Girls hate it when guys lie to them and let me warn u guys that it really doesn’t matter when u come up with excuses like
"I lied because I didn’t want to lose you" or "I lied because I didn’t want to hurt you". In case u lie, u are surely in for some big trouble. Life is not a romantic chick-flick, where no matter what u do, the girl will run back to u at the end. Get real and be honest to ur girl.

Girls absolutely cannot stand their man ogling at other girls and yes… it really doesn’t make the ogling any less annoying if it was done without their knowledge, behind their back. Sooner or later, she will find out! Girls hate it when guys try and justify things with lame reasons like
" I was just looking","We were only talking", a girl will know when u are talking to another girl with ulterior motives.

Generally, no girl likes an ill-mannered, uncouth guy. Girls hate it when guys utter profanities. Also hygiene is an issue that most girls are very sensitive about. Girls hate guys who dig their noses or fart, burp and belch. A man without basic sense of hygiene and etiquette is an absolute no-no. As far as fashion is concerned, not every girl is looking for a fashionable model, but a guy with a basic decent dressing sense. As for guys who have complete disregard for the clothes they wear, there are plenty of girls out there who are waiting to give them a makeover and groom them.

One of the most important things that girls hate is comparison with other girls. Girls hate being compared to other girls, especially if u are hooting for the other girl. So the next time u try and do that, be prepared for a wrath-attack or the ultimate silent treatment. And in case it’s ur ex-girlfriend that u are comparing her to – then u are DEAD. A girl has every right to hate her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriends.

So, there u go. u have a list of things that girls hate about guys. Always love ur girl instead of judging her. Pamper her but don’t smother her, respect her but don’t be her pet, give her enough time end space and u will get yours, treat her right and she will be yours forever.Muax~


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