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Sunday, August 1, 2010, 9:28:00 PM
salam, hye! gd evening every ONE! the first entry for this month! hee~ =) wow! the clock is running too fast! sampai ida tak sedar da hampir separuh da tahun 2010 ni! in other words, da nak abes da ida stdy utk degree ni. am i ready for it? whether i like it or not, i must go to through all of it. to LORD, help me to cope with everything.. amiinn... huhu, ok lar tamo lar emo sangat. nak hepi jek malam ni. hehe. just wanna share some of the pics during Team Building yesterday. memang sangat best 4 me, even ade lar ckit2 benda yang emmm u know wut i mean! :P but overall memang havoc!

otw pegi..
dak2 B yg bess giler vavi! =D
smile to the camera gurl! =)
guys u r amazing! honest*
nga rajen edit2 pic.heee~
going home. bye!

tengah edit2 picture ni. tibe2 lak jadi sayu.. ye lar sebab ni la team building yg terakhir kiteorg. no more after this, so ade gak some clasmet ida yg tak dpt datang. sdih sangat2, tak dapat nak enjoy aktiviti macam ni together gether ag. hurmmm. =( ape2 pon, korang frens ida yang paling mantap! ida  takkan lupe kan korang smpai bile2! Sumpah! Keep in touch k! =))

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