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lalala...hari hari interview!
Monday, October 4, 2010, 11:25:00 PM
"halo,may i speak to miss siti sharidah? and i irwan, from Hr dept ERL company. about ur practical training to our company, can u come for an interview tomorrow at 4pm. yes at KL central, behind the Burger King there's a lift and our company is at level 2. tq."
Huh? 2 interview? internship pon nak kena interview2 gak ke? adusshh..nak wat pe ni?Huh?cik vip ni memang gelabah banyak kalau benda2 macam ni. if u guys nak taw cik vip ade interview kt company ERL [alar yg KLIA express tu] esok pkul 4 ptg. Buck Tooth actually interview ni da delay bberapa hari, so esok ni comfirm cik vip kena pergi jugak. nak watpe ni? nebes sangat2 ni Hear, See, Speak No Evil.... but dont worri, "ade Jalur lebar semua dapat."Purple Smiles lalala~ cik vip manage to get some tips for the future interviewee like me. ok jum skrol ke bwah lagi..Terrific

1) Interviewee must wear a proper cloth such as black color, dark blue or white that are more down to earth color. A good appearance is the first thing that will be seen by the interviewer, its like a halo effect. so if u dont want to spoil the first impression of the interviewer, try to wear a good cloth. good doesnt mean expensive ok?

2) Eye contact is very important because it can shows how confident the interviewee to do the interview. during the interview keep your eyes on the interviewer, and try to meet his eyes often.

3) Prepare some questions to ask the interviewer during the interview session. ask some questions that are related to the job or the company itself. u can ask about the salary but please dont make it as the 1st question.

4) Listening also can be a good tips during the interview. The interviewer might give some extra information regarding the job, so it is crucially important for the interviewee to listen and ask question if required to.

5) Respond to the questions given by the interviewee. as the interviewer begins ask questions, talk freely. the interviewer will likely ask open-ended questions. if u dont know the answer, dont try to fake it or lie. be honest in answering all questions.

6) follow up after the interview is also vital for the interviewee. it would tell the interviewer that the interviewee is really interested with the position and making forward toward it. enthusiasm is what the interviewer is seeking.

Tiredok la, ckup la 6tips to. nak lebih2 you guys search lar sndiri ok? tak susah kan da ade jalurlebar? hikhikhik. ok la, cik vip nak prepare ape2 yang ptut untuk interview esok ni. daa~ n GD NITE.

*hehehe.sok nk wat camni la! huahua*Spinning


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