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Lots of things go unquestioned. Lots of things unanswered. Some feelings are burried alive. Some are born dead. "THIS IS LIFE"

"HURT me with the TRUE, but NEVER EVER comfort me with a LIE"

The longer you stay Single, the longer you become a public temptation and a potential threat to other's relationships! =p

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Love & Relationship Survey
Monday, October 18, 2010, 10:58:00 AM

Cik Vip da jwb da survey ni, so its ur turn guys! Once you want to answer this survey, delete the answers and type in your own answers. Pass the fun! Tongue Out  Lol  Perplexed   

* When was your first boyfriend/girlfriend?
- september 2007
* Who was it?
- T
* Who gave you your first kiss?
- Mak n Abah Thumbs Up 
* Have you ever fallen in love?
- yup!
* If so, with who?
- Of coz my bf now! wiwiwiwi~ Heart Eyes 
* Have you ever broken anyone's heart?
- yup..but i have to..
* Do you get along with any ex-boyfriends/girlfriends?
- ta pnah dah, menghormati yang sekarang. nnt ape dia pk.
* Do you have feelings for any ex-boyfriends/girlfriend at this current time?
- erkk! no more! Do Not Enter 
* Do they know how you feel?
- They should know and some have move on..[meaning have new relationship]
* How long was your longest relationship?
- 6-10 month Sick 
* How short was your shortest relationship?
- 1 month
* Has anyone told you they wanted to marry you?
- yeah..beautiful liar~ i never ever want to see that bulls**t anymore! Mad 
* Have you ever cried over a girl/boy?
- yes~ Crying 
* Who was the last person you went on a date with?
- cik BF sye~

* Are you currently single or taken?
- TAKEN [hikhikhik] Blinking Heart 
* If you are taken, by who?
-  Raining Hearts Meor Ridzuan M.Sharif Raining Hearts 
* If you are taken, are you in love?
- im deeply falling in love wit that guy! Puckering Smile 
* If you are single, do you want to find love?
- if i single, i wont find love. bcoz love will find me.. Girl Winking 
* What are three things you look for in a relationship that are important?
-  Changing Color Heart trust..honest..longlasting Changing Color Heart 
* If you still have feelings for any exes, would you try and get them back?
- NO!!
* What attracts you to the opposite sex?
- his smile maybe~ love to look his white teeth.. haha! Flirty Wink 
* What is more important? Looks or Personality?
- personality come 1st..
* Which would you prefer? True Love or $10 Billion?
- 10billion! Diamond Ring  i wana be a billionaire so fucking bad.. hahaha! after i got that money, i'll share wit my Love ones!
* If your boyfriend/girlfriend cheated on you, would you take them back?
- NO n never!hahaha
* Do you still love any of your exes?
- NO! why u keep asking the same question??? Frown 
* If you could go on a date with anyone, who would it be?
- cik Bf sye la, rindu die ngangat! Xoxo 
* Why?
- sebab dah chenta~
* If you are single and saw an ex out with another boy/girl, what would you do?
- "hye, nice gf. another victim?" [hahaha evil laugh Devil ]  
* Do your parents have a big say as to who you date?
- yes! mereka pesan Secret , cari orang jauh2.

* If your ex said they don't want to be with you, what would you say?
- do i look like i care???
* Do you dislike anyone close to your exes or crushes? Why?
- lantak dieorg lar.. Thumbs Down 
* If there was one thing you could say to the one you love, what would it be?
- i hate u coz I LUVE U MEOR RIDZUAN! I Love You Morph

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