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Lots of things go unquestioned. Lots of things unanswered. Some feelings are burried alive. Some are born dead. "THIS IS LIFE"

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The longer you stay Single, the longer you become a public temptation and a potential threat to other's relationships! =p

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Autobots! Retrieve!
Saturday, July 2, 2011, 11:06:00 AM
gd morning pep! lazy weekend huh? same lar mcm cik vip ni, still baring2 kt katil sambil post entry ni [bangun awal sbb mawu post blog, hehehe]. penat semlam pon ta ilang lgi ni, aduuii~~ bwat pe? ada ler.. yg pasti nya, yg paling best cik vip dh tgk Transformer 3D! yeahh! =)))

-official trailer-

-official site-

the 3rd sequel ni, cik vip bg 4 stars. pada sape2 yg dh tengok, pas je kuar wayang ade rase sakit2 leher or belakang? hahaha, al-maklumla movie 2 jam lebih kowt. cik vip tgk late nite movie kul 1145pm, full house and full seat! comfirm box office! so, for those yg ta de mase or ta berkesempatan lg nk pegi tgk, copek2 la pg cinema yg terdekat. best wooo~ rugi klau ta tgk. for the die hard transformers' fans, u guys bule pegi official website transfomers:dark of the moon. cik vip ade bg link kt pic atas tu. ok lar, thats it for the movie review [ta review pon, nk taw lebih2 pg tgk sndrik k!]. cik vip nk crik mkanan nk bwat sarapan. muaaxx~

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