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wut the FCUK!!
Tuesday, February 2, 2010, 3:45:00 AM

wut the hell?? aku dimara ats sbb yg aku sndiri tak bwat?? arrgghhh....shit!! pergghh...wut a shit day!! huh! knpe lar jdik mcm ni? y must my class always be blame?? wut the fcuk? oppps sori guys...emo ckit..ari ni ida geram2 sgt..wana know y? ok i will tell u..

hermm today class 830, lecture xdtg..but she give an assigment and to sbmit b4 the class end..me and hajar finish it early than the others. so hajar ajak lar ida g jmpe KP nk mntak cop 4 approval our group project. we all trun bwh coz bilik KP kt lvl 5, duk luar jap coz kt dlm ade org laen..then DO n Topek pon dtg nk suro KP edit alek surat pelepasan utk trip esok..so ble sume org sblum kami da kluar, kami pon msuk..hajar dlu yg mntak cop, pas tu bru DO bg surat Dr kt KP..

u know wut? wut happen next? KP mara gler kt kiteorg sbb nma Dr yg ajar "OPM tu" xde dlm surat..kami ckp la yg bkn kami yg wat surat ni, org laen..kami ikut jer..but she nver listen! all shes know that is all our fault! she says that this is our trip n we are responsible to it..the things that i will never forget wut she says is. "KORANG NI PG NK BERJALAN-JALAN KE?" wut the hell?? sape yg bwat proposal tanpa discuss with us?? sape yg bwat surat slah, x reti type per?? dan....SAPE YG HADAP SGT NK PG KUANTAN NI????hel-o class kami xnk la...tp sape yg suro kami pg?yg kami taw, last friday there was a memo from the class rep..stated that "RM50 for trip, today the last day pay" wut the fuck?? ade ke class yg bijaksana tu wut meeting ngn our class about this??? who they think they are? senior? hel-o setakat da lbih bpe sem nk blagak?? klu nk blagak kt CGPA lar wei... bkn mcm ni..ni BODOH!! wut? that class tot, u all da lame kt cini Lecture sume knal..so u all HEBAT?? SHIT!! BLOODY SHIT!! perrghh,,,smpai ida grad ida xkn lupe hari ni..xkn pnah..wut a shit day!! special for my luvly class BM2244B~dont worry guys, no matter wut they says about our class...as long as we stay together..we are strong!! we are the 1st degree honor! mark my word..mark our word!

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